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image of half of the group ar therapy book cover with the title group art therapy: practice and research

Group Art Therapy: Practice and Research book is available

Group Art Therapy: Practice and Research is the first textbook of its kind, taking into account practice-based evidence and using a trans-theoretical approach to present a range of art therapy group interventions. Published by Routledge.

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Megan Robb’s book on the practice and research of art therapy groups is both timely and much needed. Beginning with an historical analysis of the evolution of group therapy, Robb effectively weaves together the neglected contributions of Black and brown art therapists and reviews the many formats in which group art therapy has been conceptualized and practiced.  The book eloquently bridges theory and practice and advances diverse possibilities for art therapy.

- Savneet K. Talwar, Professor, Department of Art Therapy and Counseling, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

In a new book on group art therapy, Robb brings a critical lens to previous texts that largely focus on a medical and psychodynamic model, missing out on the rich history of using group art therapy to build relationships, bridge communities, and address social issues. By including a range of theoretical orientations, multiple views of how to use the art, and a more humanistic view of membership and leadership in a group, this book will hopefully serve to inform and educate a new generation of art therapists to expand our understanding of art therapy.

- Sarah E. Kremer, Ph.D., LPCC, ATR-BC; Senior Lecturer, Dominican University of California; Clinical Director, Puente de la Costa Sur

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